Q: Where can I purchase Ei-Lo?

  1. Ei-Lo is available for both retail and wholesale purchase. To purchase retail, please view the style you are interested in and enter the quantity, click “Add to Cart.” To purchase wholesale, please visit www.tscapparel.com/eilonewcustomer and fill out the form provided, attach your resale certificate and a TSC representative will be in touch with you. Already have a TSC Apparel account? Buy now at tscapparel.com/ei-lo.

Q: Where can I get an Ei-Lo catalog?

  1. Ei-Lo offers a variety of marketing materials under the Marketing Tools. You can request a catalog by filling out the “Request a Catalog” form also under Marketing Tools. You can also view the Ei-Lo catalog online at www.zoomcatalog.com.

Q: Where can I get high-res images of Ei-Lo products?

  1. See our high-res image gallery and search for the style you need.

Q: Does Ei-Lo provide screen printing?

  1. Ei-Lo does not do any sort of embellishments or screen printing. Ei-Lo is solely a provider of blank garments to apparel decorators and distributors.

Q: Are Ei-Lo products dischargeable?

  1. Many of our Ei-Lo products are dischargeable, including all of our fine jersey cotton and fleece styles. Please note that variations in the fabric content may produce different results, as polyester and cotton react differently to chemical processes. Other factors like fabric color, mechanical equipment, procedures, environmental conditions, temperature settings and chemicals used may affect results as well. We advise that you sample the process, document the procedures and follow the guidelines of the chemical manufacturers at all times.


A.No, unfortunately at this time Ei-Lo can only be shipped in North America.