The Ei-Lo Story


We’re Ei-Lo. Our name is an homage to the Spanish word for thread, “hilo,” because a passion for making things – and making them the best – is the thread that runs through all of our relationships. Since our start, firmly rooted in Southern California, we’ve provided passionate makers at top brands, with the best 100% cotton and blends, 100% consistent t-shirts spun from our own yarn and made in our own factory. Today, we embrace makers across the country, who fuel the creative movement.
We’re inspired by a commitment to craft, quality and creativity – and on the following pages you’ll see some like-minded makers who fire up our imagination. We’re humbled by the fact that they’re each making a difference in their chosen worlds wearing our tees.
So please take a look around. Get acquainted. And then contact us. Because life and business are better when we THREAD TOGETHER


Brian Wooden

Painter. Graffiti Artist. Musician. Instagram Influencer. Multi-talented Nashvillian Brian Wooden might seem more comfortable collecting pursuits versus giving them up. He notes that making progress with art often simply means making and making and making…including making mistakes.



Brooke and Brittany Graeff believe in sibling revelry. Just take two big talents. Stir fearlessly. Work endlessly. Live joyfully. And let it all out in song. They started with humble, if adventurous, beginnings as performers in, of course, Vietnam (as young expat roomies).

Nate Cornett

Sometimes going old-school maker means going without school altogether. Nate Cornett had already made a lot of his life before becoming a craft brewer – in plumbing, welding and even IT – but he was always eager to learn more.