The Ei-Lo Story

Apparel Supplier

We’re Ei-Lo. Our name is an homage to the Spanish word for thread, “hilo,” because a passion for making things – and making them the best – is the thread that runs through all of our relationships. Since our start, firmly rooted in Southern California, we’ve provided passionate makers at top brands, with the best 100% cotton and blends, 100% consistent t-shirts spun from our own yarn and made in our own factory. Today, we embrace makers across the country, who fuel the creative movement.



For those who fuel the creative movement, who are commited to their craft, there's Ei-Lo. Our quality and authenticity personifies your brand and provides an ideal canvas on which to tell your story. Create, innovate and inspire with Ei-Lo.

3600 Apparel

"When I was introduced to the Ei-Lo line I really connected with it. I thought, this apparel is for people, like me, the creatives and artisans. People who were born to create with their minds through to their hands."

Premium T-Shirt Maker

"Ei-Lo takes the quality of the shirt one step further. It looks like a fashion shirt and it wears like a comfort brand. It's going to be my new go-to shirt."

Wholesale Clothing Makers

"We're all about inclusion and the user's interaction. When people come up to the truck, they get to be a part of the screen printing process and their Ei-Lo t-shirt becomes an experience which makes it that much more memorable!"